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Bluetooth mic issue

Platform: Android

Phone:  Google Pixel 2 XL

GoPro: Hero 5 Black

Headset: Plantronics PLT E-500

The app is constantly crashing if you try to change a setting especially the video quality toggle option.  A bigger issue for me is the Bluetooth mic is not being used/selected when connected.  I get playback through my headset and have even used different mics all with the same result.  the only sound on the video comes from the Go Pro  Mic; I have tested it every way possible with the same result.  During playback I do get sound through the headset, but during the record phase all sound is being recorded through the Go Pro mic and not the Bluetooth mic.  I have attached a few screen shots to show the connection as well as the app crash screen shot which happens repeatedly.  I like the concept as I was about to spend hundreds to give my Go Pro a wireless Mic even if it meant hooking up and wearing those huge battery powered receivers/transmitters.  

Thanks for the note Frank.  I hope v 1.0.1 fixed the issue.  We appreciate the time you have taken to notify is of the issue.

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The update is much more stable and fixed a few issues (low / high video selection). However the Bluetooth mic is still not working you get playback through the headset but only the gopro mics afe picking up sounds. The WiFi is also more stable still looses it's connection but only randomly. I hope you can work out the bug on the mic soon as this app has some serious potential.
I am having audio problems also I’m using wired lavender and get spotty to no audio. Same mic works on GoPro straight but will not work with Myk

Hi Jason.  Strange to have an issues with a wired mic.  If you think it is related to the app, please send a trouble ticket from within the app so we can look at the logs.  Thanks!

Not sure how to go that
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