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The app turns on GoPro Hero 5 Black for no reason

 After use the app, my GoPro Hero 5 Black turns on for no reason, I turn off my GP5HB and minutes later it turns on by it self, even when I turn it off directly from the app. I'm sure the problem is from the app, because when I delete the app from my iPhone 6, everything runs normal. I need to turn of the WiFi connection on my GoPro.

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How do I get the password for my GoPro cam to hook up to my phone

Same thing happens with my Hero 7 Black.   No answer for V. Rios for 8 months??

The occasional power up of the camera is a known bug with the GoPro connection SDK on HERO5-6.  There is nothing we can do in the app to fix.  We just suggest you kill the Myk app when done using your HERO5-6.  This is not an issue on HERO7.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but we can't alter the GoPro code to solve the issue.  

Make sure you have the GoPro app closed also.

Yes, this can happen on occasion... it is a bug in the GoPro connection software and unfortunately not much we can do about it... best to pull the battery in the camera anyway after you are done.

i am having a problem with the wifi connection myk app says it cannot connect when  app in power saving mode?

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