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Cant edit and mix 2 videos with audio

When I film a long video of day 20 minutes I get more than one video segment produced. When it comes to mixing though it doesn't let me combine the 2 videos so I am left with parts missing at the end off my recordings. How do I fix this? I have a Samsung.

I had a similar situation where a longer video (~10 min) split into two, but the audio is still a single file. I have both videos downloaded, and I'm trying to manually mix, but it is not automatically combining the two video files together. Is there something I am missing? Also, can you give some more detail onto how to export the videos and single files to my PC to mix?

If you download all of the segments to Myk storage, then manually mix the first segment, Myk should automatically recognize the remaining segments (chapters) and combine to a single video.  Sometimes the files can be too large for a phone to process, so you can always export the videos and single audio file to your PC for mixing.  

This is a terrible app. The support is terrible and it has bugs all through it. I can't believe they are charging people for something that doesn't work. Every time I try to mix it crashes and it can't find the gopro half the time. Support just keep saying there are 8,000 different kinds of android phones and some aren't supported. Mine is one of the most popular so pretty sure it's supported. Makes me so mad!
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