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Support for Hero 9

Will you be updating the app to support the Hero 9?

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Bonjour, je viens d'acheter la gopro 9 et je n'arrive pas à la coupler à mon iphone 6 merci de votre aide

Unfortunately, this nice little piece of software looks like it's turned intro a money-making scam. I just bought a license assuming that it had migrated from Hero 4 to later versions. Absolute silence from the developer regarding Hero 8 & Hero 9 and beyond. Tell us we're wrong guys....come on! Some sort of an answer or a refund is all we ask!

I will retract that comment. After fiddling with the camera and iPhone for about an hour, trying to pair it as they suggest, I exited from the phone app and then logged back in and found that my GoPro Hero 8 was indeed connected and the telemetry was inserted into any video.  Unfortunately I've got no idea how I did it! I'll now try with the Hero 9 and see if I can get it connected. I'll keep you posted.

Well, amazingly, I've just connected and used Myk with my Hero 9. A very messy setup routine and I can see why people have not had success.

I worked through the pairing process as doesn't quite work the way they suggest. I'm not sure how I did it but the following seems important:

1. If you have the opportunity, insert the name and PIN for your GoPro. On the GP8 I was asked but was not given the option on GP9.

2. "Tap to connect..." in the middle of the Myk screen resulted in the app seeming to try to connect to the specific GoPro....but it never actually connected until I tapped the tiny Disconnected icon at the top of the screen with the areial icon beside it. Immediately I did this, the Myk app connected to the GP9.

I've yet to try opening the app with both GoPros operating to see if it gives me a choice. It certainly starts each GoPro from 'Off' and turns them 'Off' and the remotes work and telemetry is inserted into the video.

Messy...but still a great little app.

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