Myk controls the camera through the iPhones Bluetooth and Wifi connections.  In addition to controlling the camera, Myk uses the iPhone as the primary audio recording device during filming.  When finished filming, the app downloads the video to the iPhone, then mixes the audio recorded in the Myk app with the video recorded on the GoPro camera… plus does a little magic to get it all synchronized.  When complete, the finished video file is placed in the iPhones Myk photo album.  If you are downloading HEVC high definition files, we will place the file in the Myk storage database for iPhone 7 and below.  Myk also records all telemetry data while filming, and can render the telemetry on your finished videos automatically, or manually.  Since the telemetry is gathered from the iPhone rather than the camera, you can mount your camera anywhere to get the awesome shot.