If on the Myk app wifi is green, but Bluetooth is flashing and not connecting, your camera's Bluetooth connection may not be paired.  

  1. Put the camera in pairing mode (Connect new device .. GoPro app...).  You should see the camera name and password on the camera screen.  
  2. Then, on the iPhone, be sure you are connected to the GoPro wifi (in iPhone settings, connect the camera like any other hotspot).  
  3. While the camera is still in pairing mode, open the Myk app.  Myk should automatically prompt you to pair the camera's Bluetooth connection.
  4. Once you pair, exit pairing mode on the camera and you should be ready to roll.  
  5. Sometimes the GoPro can drop its wifi connection after you exit pairing mode, thus disconnecting the iPhone.  Removing the battery in the camera (if possible) and/or rebooting the camera can usually fix the situation, if you are running the latest camera firmware.